Unique sachet shapes with a tailor-made contour can easily be realized by the GKS die-punch. Thus, we enable you to fulfil the individual desires of your clients regarding sachet shapes.

In combination with specially designed sealing tools of the four-side seal packaging machine, sachets of any desired shapes can be achieved. Beginning with rounded corners, through bottle shapes up to a fully free-form contour. The sky is the limit!

Driven by a servomotor and fully synchronized with the sachet packaging machine, high-precision tools are punching out the particular sachet shape. As the form-pouches are ejected or placed on a conveyor by a pick & place system, the punching grid is automatically wound up.

The whole die punch comes mounted on a movable trolley which may be locked to the packaging machine. Certainly, the die punch trolley is fully integrated into the safety guarding of the machine. All electric and pneumatic connections are equipped with quick-release couplings to ensure fast and simple change overs.

Die-Punch Cart